Lit + Situation = Lituation

Looking for something to do? Finding places to go is easy! Finding the right place to go? That's what we call a "Lituation". Find the most happening places using social mapping in real time.


lit·​u·​a·​tion | ˈlit-chə-ˈwā-shən

  1. The hottest place or event right now in real time
  2. Know where to go when for an epic night out

Social Traffic Map

Go where the people already are. Like Waze for social situaions users are able to quickly see what locations are hot, right now.

Traditional maps show you everything, including the spots that aren't hot. The Lituation only shows user generated locations that are popping off right now.

Follow the Flames

Go where people already are. Show up fashionably late right on time at the hottest events.

  • Only real registered users can add events
  • Search events in real time right now not next week
  • Request Uber or Lyft soon as the situation is right
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Getting Warm

A situation is getting hot. Once more users verify a location turns into a "Lituation".

It's a Lituation
Verifed Lit

Where you want to be right now. Follow the flames to user verified lit locations.

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Simmer Down

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Follow the next flame!